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Can’t refuse the refuse

If you see Bubba in his truck, give him a wave, a wide berth and enough space between your trash cans, please. From the time ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Jimmy LaRoue.

The Nansemonds Now

STORY BY PHYLLIS SPEIDELL PHOTOS BY JOHN H. SHEALLY II Three years after the Nansemond Indians received federal recognition, the tribe, now officially the Nansemond ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

Life is cyclical

By Patrick Belcher As I walked into the Mod Olive, the retro feel of the atmosphere struck me. The green and orange wallpaper, the hard ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

Motivated by advocacy

Outstanding Teen titleholder treasures platform pageants give her Television shows about pageants often portray them and their participants as bastions of superficiality, but for one ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Tracy Agnew.

Going to new heights

Most people get behind the wheel of a car before they get in the cockpit of an airplane, but kids in Suffolk have the opportunity ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Rachel Wartian.

Spring break at the Lakes

Story by Phyllis Speidell Photos by John H. Sheally II Ready to enjoy spring? A tediously long winter can nudge even the most sedentary couch ... Read more

3 months ago by Staff Reports.

Robotics in breezy Bermuda

Marine biology is to robotics as Suffolk, Virginia is to St. George’s, Bermuda. But Susie Hill has a connection to all of it. Hill, a ... Read more

3 months ago by Jimmy LaRoue.

Delivering smiles no matter what

For Suffolk Meals on Wheels, it will take more than a pandemic or a little rain to slow them down. Many senior citizens would not ... Read more

5 months ago by Rachel Wartian.

Suffrage for you and me — and having tea

Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony sharing tea. It’s a scenario that played out many times in Rochester, N.Y., in the mid-1800s while the two ... Read more

5 months ago by Staff Reports.

Nothing Dismal about the Great Dismal Swamp

Almost a year of cautionary social distancing, working from home and learning virtually rather than in classrooms has left adults — and children — restless ... Read more

5 months ago by Staff Reports.

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